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Arun Parish

Guide to our Services

Is it us? Who does what in Local Government

There are 3 tiers of local government in Littlehampton. Although the Town Council itself has only limited powers, it can work with and make representations to the other Councils and public agencies to solve problems and provide facilities and services which might not otherwise have been addressed. Each tier has its own areas of responsibility. Listed below are some, but not all areas. Some appear twice as they overlap.

West Sussex County Council:

West Sussex County Council operates over a large area and provides services such as education, social services, highways and public transportation. 

General enquiries: online Phone: 01243 777100

Arun District Council:

Each county is divided into several districts. District councils cover smaller areas and provide more local services. Arun District Council is responsible for some services in Littlehampton, including council housing, public toilets, parks and ponds, leisure facilities, local planning, recycling and waste collection. ·      

For more information:·   01903 737500 or visit their website where you can report problems, make payments or apply for benefits.

Littlehampton Town Council:

The most local tiers of government are the parish and town councils. Littlehampton Town Council is an elected body, representing the residents of the Town. It has certain powers and its own budget. Littlehampton Town Council is responsible for services like allotments, Littlehampton Museum, public clocks, Rosemead Park, street scene and grafitti removal, Southfields Jubilee Centre, Grant Aid, and Project 82.

These are not comprehensive lists. If you need further assistance then please contact LTC and we will help direct you to the appropriate authority. Tel. 01903 732063.

Tell us what you think about our services. Complaint or compliment, if you wish to comment on the Town Council or its services then you can do so by writing to us or contacting us 

Contact us

Phone: 01903 732063

Email: ltc@littlehampton-tc.gov.uk

We are open Monday to Friday 9am - 4.30pm (Littlehampton Museum is also open on Saturdays 10.30am - 4.30pm).

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