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Arun Parish

Property and Personnel Committee 2018

Role of the Property & Personnel Committee
The matters delegated to this Committee are:

All matters including the preparation of a draft budget for consideration by the Policy and Finance Committee and Council, relating to:-


  1. The provision and maintenance of all buildings, land and capital equipment within allocated budgets.
  2. The Manor House and its environs (excluding the operation of the Museum).
  3. Southfields Jubilee Centre with the exception of the policy and operation of the Community Centre.
  4. The acquisition and disposal of land as agreed by Council, within allocated budgets.
  5. The production of an annual programme for the refurbishment and maintenance of Council owned property, together with budget estimates for consideration and approval by Council, following appropriate consultation with the responsible service Committee.
  6. The provision and maintenance of bus shelters, street furniture and litterbins in the ownership of the Council.
  7. The provision and maintenance of all street and footway lighting and to provide light in open spaces, including decorative lighting if required.
  8. The maintenance and cleaning of public conveniences under licence from Arun District Council.
  9.  The drawing up of legal agreements licences and leases in connection with Council owned property (excluding allotment plot rentals and room bookings at the Dairy and Project 82).


The overseeing of the conditions of service of employees of the Town Council and making recommendations to Council on the following matters:

Staffing levels
Salary Structures and Pay
Leave entitlement, including sick, maternity and special leave
Hours of Work
Special conditions of service that might relate to a specific post or individual
Allowances, expences and subsistence
Trade Union Membership
Smoking at Work

  1. The internal operation of the Equal Opportunities Policy.
  2. The operation of the Health and Safety Policy.
  3. The operation and final arbiter, through a panel, for grievance, discipline and grading procedures and appeals.
  4. Appraisals 
Membership  of Property & Personnel Committee
Cllr Baker - Chair
Cllr Purchese - Vice Chair

Meetings are programmed in the Calendar of Meetings and are open to the public.



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