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Arun Parish

Policy and Finance Committee 2018

Role of the Policy and Finance Committee
The matters delegated to this Committee are:  
  1. The development of policy for recommendation to Council.
  2. The periodic review of the Council’s Standing Orders and Financial Regulations.
  3. The setting up and monitoring of control systems for the oversight of Council expenditure.
  4. The annual review of the Council’s expenditure and income; the receipt of budget requests from other Committees and the formulation of the Council’s annual budget for Council approval.
  5. The allocation of general grant funding within the budget allocated for this purpose.
  6. The funding and monitoring of the Council’s support for economic regeneration.
  7. Police liaison.
  8. Health liaison.
  9. Liaison with other local authorities and outside bodies.
  10. The Mayoralty for recommendation to Council.
  11. All matters relating to the day-to-day administration of the Council.
  12. Implementing Local Council powers relating to public and community transport 


Membership of the Policy & Finance Committee
Cllr Dr Walsh KStJ - Chair
Cllr Gammon - Vice Chair
Meetings are programmed in the Calendar of Meetings and are open to the public.
Agendas and Minutes 2018
Date of meeting Agendas Minutes
17th December 2018    
29th October 2018    
10th September 2018    
11th June 2018 Agenda Policy and Finance 11 June 2018 [pdf] 12MB  
12th March 2018 Agenda Policy and Finance 12 March 2018 [pdf] 2MB Minutes Policy and Finance 12 March 2018 [pdf] 2MB



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